Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Morning Stroll

Hello everyone, it is a very mild Sunday here at the farm so I went for a little walk.

 We have had very little snow this year, the bases of the statues are barely covered.  The temperature today is hovering around 5 degrees and the forecast is for unseasonably warm temperatures over the next couple of days with lots of rain.

Duck and sheep tracks!

Could we possibly have a robin so soon?  Apparently there have been many sightings of robins already.

The little garden shed tucked into a corner.

Mosses on one of the big maples along the road.

An old roll of fencing wire that was here when we moved here 23 years ago and hasnt moved since!

There are still apples on the trees for the sheep to eat.

Our two muscovy ducks enjoying some fresh air outside.

A mom and her little one looking out the window.

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