Thursday, November 14, 2019

An Early Start To Winter

Hello dear friends, 
What a difference in our weather!  I downloaded photos from the camera and went from happily blooming snaps surrounded by fall leaves to.....this!
Winter has started very early here at the farm.  We haven't even managed to complete fall clean up but now we have a light blanket of snow everywhere.  

I hope the end for these geraniums was quick and painless!

The same for the petunias and spike grass.

The echinops sead heads provide some interest in a winter garden.

The koi pond is going to need to be winterized.  The pumps will be disconnected and brought inside and this year we will be adding a small heater to prevent the water from completely freezing.  Last year was the first time some of our koi did not survive our winter.

This could be my new favourite statue.  Next year we will bury the ashes of two of our dear German Shepherds in this spot.

I love how the bullrushes look under the snow.

And I particularly love our gate!

The ferns are gracefully frozen in the pergola hanging planters.

We have some interesting plans for our portico entry next year!

The birds and squirrels will work on the frozen apples.

Rumour has it that there are still potatoes in the garden!

And the sheep and chickens will enjoy eating frozen pumpkins.

This snow puts us in the festive spirit!  This weekend my goal is to put up two very large Christmas trees-one in the living room and one in the dining room.  More to follow!

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  1. It's real winter here! Awesome. Long ago in Poland it lay snow in November too. Now there is no snow even in December.