Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labour Day Weekend at the Farm

Hello dear friends, the last long weekend of the summer has come and gone.There is definitely a feeling of fall in the air here at the farm and with the changing seasons come changing priorities!   It is time for baking, comfort foods and getting ready to build our new kitchen!

I love to bake bread and while some people struggle with yeast  dough I have always had great success.  In fact if I forget about it the dough will actually ooze over the top of the bowl.  This is a large Paderno ceramic bowl that is my favourite for making bread dough.

I also made a couple of loaves of banana coconut bread which is one of my current favourites.

We are still working on raised beds around the south side of the house.  Pretty Holly approves so far.

We have lots of activity at the koi pond.  The largest koi are now about 10" and there are lots of little koi to add to the collection.  In addition to the koi we have an assortment of leopard frogs that frequent the pond.  The water lilies are perennials and will remain in the pond year round.

A little pollinator visiting a sedum.

It seems that the leaves are a little slow to change colour this year.

On the north side of the house we have a waterfall garden.  

An old bird bath is next to the water garden.

The waterfall garden also has a collection of frogs.  The stones around the pond also provide a home for a rather large garter snake.  We have several snakes that spend their time in our stone retaining wall and stone staircase....the longest one is about 3 feet!  I know that they are beneficial creatures but they always startle me. 

Our apple trees are old and gnarly.  We dont actually eat any of the fruit but the sheep love all of the windfall apples.

 The blackberries are doing very well.  

This terrace is next to the waterfall garden.  We haven't really used this area very much this year.

We have had some very strong winds here at the farm.  Our tiki hut blew over in a windstorm and suffered some damage.

 Now it is time to try to untangle the sheets from the clothesline! 

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