Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April Update

Hello everyone, we have been enjoying some beautiful spring weather here at the farm and I have a case of spring fever!


The pulmonaria is blooming.  I have several clumps of it in various gardens which originally came as a little division from the neighbouring farm.

The tete-a-tete daffodils are in full bloom.

Sadly this very old apple tree suffered serious damage in the Easter ice storm.

I am very puzzled at the condition of my daffodils.  What would cause the leaves to wither and turn yellow?

The Austrian Pine has also suffered much damage and so apparently has the fence!

The large maples along the road have lost many branches.

I love allium which has been reproducing reliably for many years. Even these plants have yellowing leaves.

This concrete statue is in memory of our yellow lab Ophelia.  We also named our pond Lake Ophelia to remember how she used to love to swim in it.  This statue is in the Ophelia garden.

This is Sweet Cicely which I also received from the neighbouring farm.  It is very persistent and self sows freely.  I am having some trouble getting it under control.

This borage also came from the next farm.  This year I would like to focus on creating bee friendly gardens and it seems that bees are very partial to borage.

It is taking me a while to finish this quilt.  It is going to go in the guest room once completed and I have been hand quilting it using the quilt-as-you-go method.  It is quite relaxing.

The guest room is coming along nicely.  The baseboards and trim have all been milled and installed and I am almost finished painting all of the woodwork.  We made a board with pegs as a transition between the old stonework and the painted wall, we thought the pegs would give it some character.  My husband is really quite talented!

I found these little delft ashtrays in various thrift shops.  We dont smoke but I love them anyway!

I have been trying my hand at making a rag rug.  No sooner had I put it down than Horatio took advantage of it.

The rug is made of strips of old sheets that I have crocheted together.  I am surprised at how many sheets it takes, I have already used 3 queen sized sheets for this little rug.  I have been crocheting it in an oval shape and it is a challenge to keep it flat.  I am deliberating...should I take it apart and make it a rectangle or keep going and hope that it flattens out over time?

I have also been collecting various Delft tiles that I will use to decorate the guest room.  As you can see the room has a Dutch theme!

I have also been collecting some lovely vintage textiles.  I often wonder about the history of some of these items...who was responsible for the lovely embroidery and how did these carefully created pieces end up in a thrift shop?  It is a little sad I think however I am glad to have brought them home.

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