Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Enjoying the kitchen deck

Hello dear friends, here I am again after a long absence.  All is well at the farm and we often remark that we feel terribly busy but dont seem to get much done!  Today I thought I would share some photos of the area we call our kitchen deck.
When we started a major addition to our old stone farmhouse 5 years ago we knew that we wanted to have lots of outdoor living space.  We really enjoy sitting outside and when the weather cooperates we like to entertain friends and family outside as well.  So a priority was to have a veranda wrap around 2 sides of the house with lots of space for seating.  The area I am sharing today extends past the covered area just outside of the kitchen.  

The colour theme for this area is blue.  This seating area comfortably seats 4 and after buying one solar powered umbrella I ordered a second one to flank the little love seat.   The umbrellas are in heavy stands that are concealed inside the special little umbrella tables.  Unfortunately this area can sometimes catch wind so the umbrellas and the tables have taken many tumbles.  

A little night time ambience!

The comfort of our fur-children is paramount!  Willow is enjoying some reflection time.  She spends a lot of time thinking.  

This is an old Ikea table that has been repainted many times.  It has 2 small spectacularly uncomfortable chairs that go with it so it doesnt get much use.  The table however is very convenient for serving.

Lucy's turn to assess the comfortability of the sofa.  She approves. 

Here is a view from one of the lawns.  The stone wall is part of our koi pond.  You can see the 2 blue umbrellas on the left and there is a small gazebo visible in the background. 

A different view from a different section of deck.

We are now one month into summer and have been experiencing some very hot and dry conditions.  Of course now that we want to cut hay we are getting what I like to refer to as "nuisance rain"-not enough rain to make up for the drought conditions we experienced through late spring, but enough rain to make trying to cut hay a challenge.

I hope you enjoyed this quick visit!  I finally downloaded the photos from my camera so will curate other photos for new posts so we can enjoy our seating areas together.

Wishing everyone a great week!


  1. Where's the gsd puppy?

    1. Abby was probably getting into mischief somewhere else. She loves lounging on the living room furniture but never goes on the outdoor furniture. Not sure why!

  2. I am delighted! A great place to relax :)