Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Winter Scenes

Hello dear friends, where has the time gone?  It is now the beginning of March and while this is a very chilly week at the farm next week promises to tease us with warmer temperatures!  I am catching up with a few quick photos from the last few weeks.

We have had some very interesting early morning and late afternoon skies here at the farm!  I submitted one of my colourful sky photos to Fine Gardening magazine and it was posted on their Instagram page!

The winter overall has not had the incredible cold temperature extremes that we have seen in other winters.  Still, we have had some very cold nights and sadly even in the barn very cold temperatures can be fatal to newborn lambs.  This little ewe lamb was already becoming hypothermic so we brought her inside to warm her with a hot water bottle and blankets.  It took a few hours but eventually she warmed up enough that she could drink milk from a bottle and then go back to her mommy.  

I am not a big fan of winter, possibly because my job is in the city and my commute each day is awful, especially if we are having bad weather.  Of course this year with COVID I am spending most days working from my home which means we have been able to make time most days to pop outside at lunchtime for a walk.  A few years ago we bought snowshoes so now we have been trying to get out to snowshoe every day.  My husband has been making some trails along the back of our property through our woods.  I must say that snowshoeing is hard work!   But I am enjoying it immensely and feel a little sad to think that winter will soon be over!

We have had lots of snow.

Little woodland creatures have been eating pinecones in the forest.

And deer are following our steps on our snowshoe trail!  

Well dear friends, I am sorry for my long absence.  Once I get out of the habit of writing stories on my farm blog it is harder and harder to get back into it!  Thank you to those of you that still take time to read about our farm happenings.  Wishing everyone a safe week!

Friday, January 15, 2021

January Snippets

Hello dear friends, I was going to do a New Year's post and now it is suddenly half way through January!  What a different world we are in now compared to one short year ago.  We are still safe and happy at the farm so today I am going to share some photos of our everyday life.

All eggs are the same inside but it is the outside that is interesting!  Last spring we finally got around to ordering hens that would lay blue eggs.  For those of you that follow our farm stories you may recall that between a fox and skunk and weasel many of our chickens were killed.  We thought that our Azure Blue hens had all been killed but it turns out a couple of them did survive and now in addition to brown eggs we are enjoying blue eggs as well!

For Christmas I tried to find time to make more felt ornaments.  I purchased lots of supplies but didnt manage to get many made.  I did make a couple of mushrooms for the woodland tree which are adorned with little glass beads.  So fun and very relaxing!

The woodland tree is turning out to be one of my favourite trees.  

A  couple of years ago we bought snowshoes.  We didnt use them last year but this year we have done a few tramps around our fields.  It is great exercise!

I captured this shot one morning.  Sometimes these colours only last minutes but this time I was ready to take a picture.

You may remember that last fall we took on the project of rehabilitating Lake Ophelia.  It is about half full of water now and my husband has used part of it as a skating rink.

Mouse prints!

Snowshoe prints! 

I made some time for baking.  These are English Muffins.  There are so many recipes online to choose from.

Who doesn't love home made bread?  I have been adding some cranberries and walnuts to our whole wheat bread as I thought it would taste great with leftover turkey.  Delicious!

 The woodland tree is tucked into our portico entry.  Hopefully this area will be all finished next year.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!  Thank you for visiting

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Winter Wonderland

Hello dear friends and Happy New Year!  After sharing photos of the farm in the evening light I have a few more to share of the farm during the day.

All of the statues are enjoying snowy hats.

Even our solar powered duck is ready for winter.

We have been discussing what to do with the koi pond this winter.  We usually cover it with a large tarp on wooden supports but this year we might leave it open.  The koi pond has a small heater to prevent the surface water from freezing over completely and the bubblers help to eliminate carbon dioxide from decaying leaves and fish waste.  The pond is deep enough that it will not freeze completely allowing the fish to hibernate and survive the winter.

 We are expecting up to 15 cm of additional snow over the weekend to welcome in the New Year.  We will be tucked into our old farmhouse with the dogs and cats and will end 2020 by watching a James Bond movie.  Wishing everyone health and happiness in 2021 and thank you for visiting!

Monday, December 28, 2020

A Wintery Christmas

Hello dear friends, it is hard to believe but another Christmas has come and gone.  For so many of us it was a very quiet Christmas.   This year my mother had to celebrate Christmas with the residents of her seniors' home and to keep everyone safe was not able to have visitors or leave to visit family.  We have missed having our little round of pre-Christmas dinners and this year I havent even put up all of our Christmas trees! Our area in now under a full Covid lockdown until the end of January.

Still, we have many things to be grateful for.  Our friends and family are all healthy and well.  Instead of the forecast rain we had almost 25 cm of snow arrive over Christmas creating a beautiful wonderland.  We are more prepared for this lockdown than we were for the original one so our home is stocked with all of the essentials to keep us fed and watered!  We are nestled into our old farmhouse with our pets and I will be working on a new quilt.

Later I will post some of the winter wonderland photos taken during the day but here are some night shots to share with you!

We have a small collection of these deer which are now firmly attached to wooden bases and weighted down with concrete slabs.  The winds have been so strong that the deer and trees have all been toppled several times.

I prepared a little vignette on a cast aluminum bench on our portico deck.  The little bear and plaid blanket are only barely visible!

I havent done a very good job of stringing lights in trees this year.  The tops of the trees were missed!

Even the chicken coop has lights.

 Thank you for stopping to visit and we are wishing a safe and healthy holiday season for everyone!

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Decorating the Living Room for Christmas

Hello everyone, I have been doing a bit of decorating around the house and wanted to share some quick photos! It seems that I cant keep track of all of our decorations....I found a storage box in the basement with these gold themed ornaments so I have added them to the mantelpiece.

I moved an assortment of liquor bottles to the living room to make an impromptu little bar.  I am usually a wine drinker but as we are going to be a little isolated this Christmas it would be fun to find drink recipes using some of the liquors in this collection.  Although there is really nothing positive about the current COVID situation it really does encourage us to find ways to make our homes more comfortable (and comforting!)

The tree is getting full!

The deer are flanking this antique clock from my mother.  We were able to get it to work for a while and once we got used to the chimes it was quite charming.  Now however it has decided it no longer wants to work and will need to go to a clock repair shop.

Most of our ornaments were chosen with our many pets in mind.  It only happened once but we did have a cat climb into a Christmas tree and tip it over.  Not every ornament survived! This lovely angel is glass and is hopefully high enough in the tree to escape the attention of the cats.

I like to think of this as a pear.  :)  I am not sure what it is to be honest. 

I noticed that this year the stores have a very limited selection of Christmas items.  It seems to be a combination of stores not ordering very much, and people going all out to buy things to decorate their homes this year.  I suppose with everyone being asked to stay home we all want our homes to be as cozy and festive as possible.  One of the shops had 2 of these glass champagne bottle ornaments so I snapped up both!  One for me and one for my sister in law.

I am looking forward to spending some extended time at home over the Christmas holidays and will be putting up more trees and decorations for us to enjoy.  I will share more photos soon!  In the meantime I am hoping everyone stays safe and healthy.

Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Preparing for Christmas

Hello dear friends, we recently had about 15 cm of snow which is putting me in the Christmas mood!  Of course for many of us Christmas is going to look and feel very differently this year.  COVID numbers are increasing alarmingly in our area and we are expecting another shutdown.  Still, we are grateful to be healthy here at the farm and will still put up and decorate our trees to celebrate the season.

Here are a few photos I took while looking for my car under the snow.  

Our good old garden privvy is nestled in the snow.

A view towards the gazebo from the driveway.

The lantern looks so picturesque topped with snow.

A quick consultation with one of our books confirms that these interesting paw prints are from a fox.  What a fascinating smell.  Abby is on it!

Once again we didnt manage to get this furniture put away.

I am making a few pomanders using reduced for quick sale mandarin oranges.  I use a wooden skewer to poke holes in the fruit, push in cloves, and then roll the sticky juicy mandarin around in a bowl of spices.  I am using cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice.  To help them dry I have them on the heating grate in our main floor bathroom.  The house is smelling festive!

My mother still loves crafting!  Last year we sat together and made felt owls for our woodland themed Christmas tree.  This year COVID is restricting our ability to spend time together but she still enjoys surprise delivery of supplies and is making felt ornaments for my latest themed tree....a Boho tree that will go up in the library!


The living room tree is up and almost finished.

Wishing everyone a safe week and more Christmas trees will be coming soon!  Thank you for visiting my little blog.