Sunday, August 22, 2021

Weekend Heat Wave

Hello dear friends, we have been gripped by a heat wave for the last few days and it is expected to continue for several more days.  Even in the country we are finding the heat uncomfortable!  Our temperatures are in the low 30s with humidex values approaching 40 degrees.  Even the night time temperatures are warm at close to 20 degrees so there is not much relief from the heat.

Still, things could be much worse.  We hosted a birthday barbecue yesterday and had an unexpected thunderstorm with 18 mm of rain but fortunately it blew over and cleared up in time for pre-dinner drinks.  This morning though we had misty conditions which I captured and am sharing!

It took quite a while for the sun to burn the mist off over our forest.  It is still quite hazy even now which is late afternoon.

We are getting so much enjoyment from our temporary fire pit.  We enjoyed a late drink and birthday cake at the fire last night.  The sky was clear and we enjoyed the moon and stars (but I didnt think to take a picture!)

This was a long shot this morning of wild turkeys in our back pasture.

The sheep are heading out for the first stroll of the morning in search of windfall apples.

One of our farm tractors in case you are wondering!

The mists are lifting from our front hay pasture on the other side of Willoughby gate.  This area is a work in progress and is going to eventually to connect our "old" driveway with our "new" driveway so that we can enter one way and drive out the other way.  Even though we live on a gravel road in the country many passing motorists have no regard for the speed limit and we have more than one had a close encounter with a speeding vehicle as we were trying to back out.  This will allow us to enter the road way where we have better visibility.  In all the driveway will be about 500 feet long when finished.

More misty views

These are some of our new laying hens.


We have a bumper crop of apples this year.  The crab apple tree in Bailey's garden is drooping with apples

Henry posing for us this morning.

Thank you for visiting and wishing everyone a great week!


Friday, August 13, 2021

Misty Mornings

Hello again dear friends, we are in the midst of a heat wave with humidex values around 40 degrees which I find very uncomfortable.  A week or so ago though we had some cool nights that produced some misty mornings.  I took some photos and hope you enjoy them!

Bailey's garden was expanded ever so slightly this year by changing the shape to take into account a new and unexpected landscape design change. More on that some other time!

I haven't done any bike riding because of the heat but as we get closer to fall with cooler temperatures I will start again.

I love echinops even if it self sows too readily.

We don't have a name for this garden and I have been thinking about turning it into a memory garden for another one of our pets. I am still thinking about it.

I am saddened that Ash Alley is now showing signs of the ash borer.  There is no cure so in a couple of years these trees will be bare. 

Our garden arbour.

Usually the ligularia flops around and mopes but this year it looks good.

This is part of Kodiak's garden.

No fire at our fire pit this morning!

We get so much use from our Adirondack chairs.  Lake Ophelia is in the distance and is quite low.  Even with all of the rain lately the water level has dropped a couple of feet. 

 I hope you have enjoyed this quick tour.  Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Bees and Bee Balm

Hello dear friends, a few days ago we heard a lot of buzzing outside and after a bit of sleuthing discovered that the sounds were coming from lots of pollinators in our monarda!  I bought one of these plants several years ago and have been able to divide it several times.  The flowers are now past their prime but I thought you might enjoy seeing the bumblee bee and honey bees at work.

 Wishing everyone a great week!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Enjoying the kitchen deck

Hello dear friends, here I am again after a long absence.  All is well at the farm and we often remark that we feel terribly busy but dont seem to get much done!  Today I thought I would share some photos of the area we call our kitchen deck.
When we started a major addition to our old stone farmhouse 5 years ago we knew that we wanted to have lots of outdoor living space.  We really enjoy sitting outside and when the weather cooperates we like to entertain friends and family outside as well.  So a priority was to have a veranda wrap around 2 sides of the house with lots of space for seating.  The area I am sharing today extends past the covered area just outside of the kitchen.  

The colour theme for this area is blue.  This seating area comfortably seats 4 and after buying one solar powered umbrella I ordered a second one to flank the little love seat.   The umbrellas are in heavy stands that are concealed inside the special little umbrella tables.  Unfortunately this area can sometimes catch wind so the umbrellas and the tables have taken many tumbles.  

A little night time ambience!

The comfort of our fur-children is paramount!  Willow is enjoying some reflection time.  She spends a lot of time thinking.  

This is an old Ikea table that has been repainted many times.  It has 2 small spectacularly uncomfortable chairs that go with it so it doesnt get much use.  The table however is very convenient for serving.

Lucy's turn to assess the comfortability of the sofa.  She approves. 

Here is a view from one of the lawns.  The stone wall is part of our koi pond.  You can see the 2 blue umbrellas on the left and there is a small gazebo visible in the background. 

A different view from a different section of deck.

We are now one month into summer and have been experiencing some very hot and dry conditions.  Of course now that we want to cut hay we are getting what I like to refer to as "nuisance rain"-not enough rain to make up for the drought conditions we experienced through late spring, but enough rain to make trying to cut hay a challenge.

I hope you enjoyed this quick visit!  I finally downloaded the photos from my camera so will curate other photos for new posts so we can enjoy our seating areas together.

Wishing everyone a great week!

Monday, May 17, 2021

Spring Gardens

Hello dear friends, it has been ages since I have posted anything about our farm!  Time flies and the gardens are changing daily.  Masses of tulips and daffodils are providing us with some glorious colour-if only they lasted longer!  Last year we ordered several hundred daffodils and tulips from our favourite supplier, and although it was a struggle to get them all planted it is worth the effort!

My love of statues in no secret!  I am so sad that the shop we have purchased so many statues from has closed.  We will need to look for another shop so I can add to the collection.  Many of these statues mark the final resting places of our dear pets.  We have had 14 dogs and 8 cats in our time here at the farm and are so happy to still have them here even though many of them have passed away.

I mentioned that we ordered hundreds of bulbs last fall.  I simply couldn't seem to get them planted fast enough even though all arrived early in the fall.  In the end we planted clumps of them along one of our cedar hedges.

Some glorious red tulips in our tulip tree garden.  In the background you can see Lake Ophelia.  We are so pleased that we took on the rehabilitation of our old farm pond last year.  It was not on our list of priorities but we are thrilled with the results.  Now we must be patient while it slowly fills with water.  

My old garden shed needs some attention this year.  A new paint job, some repairs to the old glass windows and a good clearing out are in order.  I am sure I will find many items I have been searching for stashed inside.

We remain under stay at home orders in our part of the world but I am hopeful that we have seen the worst of covid and look forward to be able to have friends and family join us this summer at our farm.  I hope everyone is staying safe and well and thank you for visiting my blog.