Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Winter Scenes

Hello dear friends, where has the time gone?  It is now the beginning of March and while this is a very chilly week at the farm next week promises to tease us with warmer temperatures!  I am catching up with a few quick photos from the last few weeks.

We have had some very interesting early morning and late afternoon skies here at the farm!  I submitted one of my colourful sky photos to Fine Gardening magazine and it was posted on their Instagram page!

The winter overall has not had the incredible cold temperature extremes that we have seen in other winters.  Still, we have had some very cold nights and sadly even in the barn very cold temperatures can be fatal to newborn lambs.  This little ewe lamb was already becoming hypothermic so we brought her inside to warm her with a hot water bottle and blankets.  It took a few hours but eventually she warmed up enough that she could drink milk from a bottle and then go back to her mommy.  

I am not a big fan of winter, possibly because my job is in the city and my commute each day is awful, especially if we are having bad weather.  Of course this year with COVID I am spending most days working from my home which means we have been able to make time most days to pop outside at lunchtime for a walk.  A few years ago we bought snowshoes so now we have been trying to get out to snowshoe every day.  My husband has been making some trails along the back of our property through our woods.  I must say that snowshoeing is hard work!   But I am enjoying it immensely and feel a little sad to think that winter will soon be over!

We have had lots of snow.

Little woodland creatures have been eating pinecones in the forest.

And deer are following our steps on our snowshoe trail!  

Well dear friends, I am sorry for my long absence.  Once I get out of the habit of writing stories on my farm blog it is harder and harder to get back into it!  Thank you to those of you that still take time to read about our farm happenings.  Wishing everyone a safe week!

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